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Philippine Animation sector pushes 'creative' outsourcing

By Abigail L. Ho Philippine Daily Inquirer 12/23/2009 MANILA, Philippines – Local animators, many of whom have already proven themselves in the international arena, aim to give the Philippines an even bigger spot on the world animation map by advocating “creative process outsourcing.”
The local animation industry has been making its mark in the world due to lower costs, consistent quality of work, quickness in delivering output, English proficiency, and understanding of concepts and story lines.

The industry provides more than 5,000 jobs to local animators, and rakes in millions of dollars in revenue yearly. Last year’s animation revenue stood at $110 million.

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Also there are many jobs advertised each week in graphics design for advertising so its worthwhile learning photoshop in college or training if you have creative abilities!

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New Programs Aim to Lure Young Into Digital Jobs

From USA NY Times:  The nation’s economy is going to need more cool nerds. But not enough young people are embracing computing — often because they are leery of being branded nerds.

Educators and technologists say two things need to change: the image of computing work, and computer science education in high schools. Teacher groups, professional organizations like the Association for Computing Machinery and the National Science Foundation are pushing for these changes, but so are major technology companies including Google, Microsoft and Intel. One step in their campaign came the week of Dec. 7, National Computer Science Education Week, which was celebrated with events in schools and online.

Today, introductory courses in computer science are too often focused merely on teaching students to use software like word processing and spreadsheet programs, said Janice C. Cuny, a program director at the National Science Foundation. The Advanced Placement curriculum, she added, concentrates narrowly on programming. “We’re not showing and teaching kids the magic of computing,” Ms. Cuny said.

The agency is working to change this by developing a new introductory high school course and seeking to overhaul Advanced Placement courses as well. It hopes to train 10,000 high school teachers in the modernized courses by 2015.

One goal, Ms. Cuny and others say, is to explain the steady march and broad reach of computing across the sciences, industries, culture and society. Yes, they say, the computing tools young people see and use every day — e-mail, text-messaging and Facebook — are part of the story. But so are the advances in field after field that are made possible by computing, like gene-sequencing that unlocks the mysteries of life and simulations that model climate change.

That message must resonate with parents and school administrators, they say, if local school districts are to expand their computer science programs.

“We need to gain an understanding in the population that education in computer science is both extraordinarily important and extraordinarily interesting,” said Alfred Spector, vice president for research and special initiatives at Google. “The fear is that if you pursue computer science, you will be stuck in a basement, writing code. That is absolutely not the reality.”

Others choose to make simple computer games.

“It’s much more engaging,” Mr. Landa said. “And the idea is not to have most or all of them go into computer science, but to give kids a chance to try things out. The course is designed to give kids a sense of computational thinking no matter what they do after this.”

A solid grounding in computing, experts say, promises rewards well beyond computer science.
“Most of them will not be pure technology jobs, designing computer software and hardware products, but they will involve applying computing and technology-influenced skills to every industry,” Mr. Reich said. “Think Geek Squads in other fields,” he added, referring to a popular tech-support service.
These workers, he said, will be needed in large numbers to install, service, upgrade and use computer technology in sectors like energy and health care.

“These are jobs for what I think of as digital technicians,” Mr. Reich said. “And they are at the core of the new middle-wage middle class.”

Still, the revamped high school courses, educators say, should entice more young people into computer science careers as well.

At South East High School, Mario Calleros, an 18-year-old senior, may be one of them. He took the new course last year, after his interest was piqued by his experience playing computer games. “I really wanted to know how they worked,” he said.

Mr. Calleros picked up a sense of game technology by making his own, an action game with a knights-in-armor motif. Last summer, he won an internship at the Center for Embedded Networked Sensing at the University of California, Los Angeles. In the summer program, Mr. Calleros and a partner built a smartphone application, linking pictures, text descriptions and GPS location data to explain the history, architecture and amenities of individual buildings on the U.C.L.A. campus as users walk by. 

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And so many jobs now in computer graphics design but no courses teach it in college sad/

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IT jobs and graphics jobs

There are many job listings here just scroll through the listing

There are many jobs here for graphics workers in IY

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Test Drive And Learn Windows 7 Features From Your Web-Browser

Microsoft Windows 7 and if you  planning to get switched on the new operating-system now you can test and learn the new features online right from your web-browsers - thanks to newly introduced Windows 7 Test Drive service from Microsoft which allows users and developers to experience Windows 7 running live on Microsoft servers in an safe virtual test-drive environment accompanied with supporting step-by-step walkthrough videos of it's features.

The free test-drive resource requires no special software installation and runs inside your web-browser (Internet Explorer) and needs a single Active-X installation to get started.

The test-drives are divided into various categories like productivity, security & control, streamlined PC management etc. which can be accessed from the official Windows 7 Test Drive website here.

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Programmer 101: Teach Yourself How to Code

You've always wanted to learn how to build software yourself—or just whip up an occasional script—but never knew where to start. Luckily, the web is full of free resources that can turn you into a programmer in no time

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nursing, accounting, teaching, dog handling among 'hot jobs' for 2010

Nursing, accounting, teaching, dog handling among 'hot jobs' for 2010

MANILA, Philippines - Nursing, accounting, teaching, and even dog-handling are just a few of the “hot” jobs that Filipinos should apply for next year.

Jayjay Viray, managing director of, said while they see nurses and accountants again being in demand next year, there are other not so popular but surprisingly high-paying jobs Filipinos should consider as possible careers
She said dog-handling and security-related jobs are third on their list of “hot jobs” for 2010.
“Just for the Middle East (Asia), we’re seeing a demand of about 10,000 dog-handlers,” Viray shared.

A dog-handler in the Middle East, Viray said, could get a monthly pay of as much as $2,500.
She said that the continuing global fight against terrorism and increased security consciousness are pushing the demand for dog-handlers, mainly those who handle bomb-sniffing dogs. “In the Middle East, security is a serious concern for many of the well-off people there,” Viray said.

She said even here in the Philippines, there is a demand for dog-handlers. “You see a lot of bomb-sniffing dogs in the malls and in buildings,” Viray said.

Topping their list of “hot jobs,” she said, are information technology (IT) workers, who “will still be the most in-demand locally and overseas.”

Viray said with many Internet businesses being put up and numerous companies going online to do their selling and promotion, the demand for IT employees will continue to be strong.
“Small business, big businesses are going to the Internet to promote their products,” she said.
Viray said the most sought-after IT workers are those skilled in search engine marketing and search engine optimization.

She noted that some of the jobs that are becoming in demand are those that look for skills that could be acquired by taking up short-term or vocational courses.

Viray said one can get a certificate in dog-handling by attending a short course that could last only six months.

For IT workers, one could be a computer technician by taking up a vocational two-year computer technician course.

“I recommend these short courses because they can be a quick path to a high-paying job instead of taking up four-year college courses that lead to jobs that are not in demand in the market,” Viray said. Read the original article here

Read viewer comments
Until such time that we have industries and factories to employ all of our labor force locally, better improve the quality of our education so we can be competitive in the world skills market. Those considering to work abroad can avoid the negative social costs by being practical and not yet marry or beget children. They might find their soul mate in other single compatriots overseas.„

alie_baba (posted on Nov 15, 2009 07:04 AM)
Member since Sep 09, 2009

“I recommend these short courses because they can be a quick path to a high-paying job instead of taking up four-year college courses that lead to jobs that are not in demand in the market, ” Viray said.

Siguro pakawala ito ng mga IT Short Course schools na naglipana nanloloko sa mga kabataan at mga magulang ....walang kuenta ang short IT coursers kung walang Basic Foundation ng Science and Technology... example... IT Accounting applications... pano ka gagawa ng Apps ng di ka marunong ng Accounting ? or Cad kaya sa Mechanical/Electrical or Archi... pano ka gagamit ng wala kang foundation ng Electrical/ Mechanical or Architecture... ganyan ang mga pakawala ng mga IT Schools kuno... Tools lang ang IT or Elective course lang, ang kailangan ang foundation ... at bakit niya naman sasabihin na NURSING na naman ang kailangan e PUNONG PUNO na ang NURSING ... mga ganid na ospital nga ang mga nurses pa ang nagbabayad para magkaroon ng Experience... mag isip ng malalim mga kabataan at mga magulang wag sayangin ang kinabukasan pera, puhunan at panahon.... mag 4 or 5 years courses na lang kayo for long term investment„

Batangsulpok (posted on Nov 15, 2009 03:22 AM)
Member since Feb 24, 2009

Wala na bang naiisip sa Pilipinas kundi mag-trabaho sa overseas ang mga graduates? Paano uunlad ang Pilipinas kung lagi na lang paalisin ang mga trabahador? Dapat ang perang napupunta sa corruption ay malagay sa ayos nang magkaroon ng maraming trabaho, maraming negosyo lalo na sa mga malalayong lugar nang hindi na sila pumunta sa Maynila para makipagsapalaran kaya sobra na ang sikip kasi nagiging squatters. Kaya napakaraming nasisirang pamilya dahil pag ang babae o lalake ang napunta sa abroad, hindi maiwasan ang magkasala sa isa't isa na kung minsan ay napapabayaan ang mga bata na naiwan sa Pilipinas. Sa ngayon, marami kang makikita na maraming single mother, maraming asawa ay iniiwan ang pamilya para makisama sa iba, maraming babae ang anak ay iba't iba ang ama at maraming mga bata ang nalululong sa bisyo gaya ng droga o krimen dahil wala ang magulang.„

Also read my jobs blog news


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Comelec needs 50,000 IT workers

MANILA, Philippines—At least 50,000 information technology personnel are needed for next year’s automated national elections, a Commission on Elections official said Wednesday.

Election Commissioner Gregorio Larrazabal said in a news briefing that Smartmatic TIM Corp., the automated elections contractor, was hiring about 40,000 IT workers to help in the country’s biggest IT project.

The Smartmatic TIM personnel will do mainly technical support work. They will help in the maintenance and operations of the ballot scanners, officially called Precinct Count Optical Scan machines, on May 10.

Some will be deployed to the field, while some will work in the company’s call center to respond to technical questions.

At the same time, the Comelec and the Department of Science and Technology are currently training a total of 500 IT experts to train and accredit the Board of Election Inspectors (BEI), Larrazabal said.
The Comelec will use 82,000 scanners in next year’s elections.

To ensure that the operations will be smooth on election day, the poll body has ordered that at least one member of the BEI should have IT knowledge and training on how to handle the scanners.
The poll body has coordinated with the local IT industry for its personnel requirements, he said.
The Comelec said it will field 100 IT-knowledgeable organic personnel to various municipalities and cities to supervise the poll proceedings.

Volunteers from the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting, the Comelec’s citizens’ arm, will also train for the project.

All the IT workers will be accredited by the DOST.

Bonifacio Belen, Smartmatic TIM manager, said the company last week held a workshop to develop methods on hiring and training of personnel. The company will start training the employees in January next year.
He said the company was optimistic there would be enough workers for the project.

“There is no shortage of patriotic and IT-savvy Filipinos who want to be part of history,” he said.
Smartmatic TIM has tapped manpower firms Placewell, Manred, and Ventureslink to hire the support personnel. Applicants are advised to send their resumes to the said agencies.

Meanwhile, Larrazabal said the Comelec has directed the election contractor to ensure that its workers do not have partisan streaks.

Applicants for key positions will undergo background checks, Larrazabal said.
Under the Comelec’s rules, only BEI members can handle the election and voting machines. Smartmatic TIM employees will only advise the BEI members should the machines malfunction.

Larrazabal said the Smartmatic TIM will carefully screen applicants and make them sign an affidavit stating that they do not have political connections.

The employees will not be assigned to areas where they are from, he added. Read original article here

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Cebu IT graduates

Cebu Sunstar classified November 1, 2009 click to make larger

Cebu IT graduates

Cebu Sunstar classified November 1, 2009 click to make larger

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The PC World 100: Best Products of 2009

A laptop that recharges wirelessly, a CPU that leaves the competition in the dust, and a top pick that's changing the face of computing--these are just three of the items in our PC World Top 100 list of the best products of the year.

PC World looked at many outstanding hardware, software, sites, and services this year, evaluating each one on its design, functionality, performance, and impact. Here is the cream of the crop, the 100 best of 2009. (Note that we chose not to rate products specifically on their price or value, focusing instead on their overall quality.)
Please let us know if you agree or disagree with our choices or have an unmentioned favorite by commenting at the bottom of this story or on the PC World Facebook Fans page (we'd love to have you join us there).
We've also assembled slideshows for convenient comparison-viewing of our top picks in four categories: cameras/camcorders, laptops, smartphones, and storage devices. Check 'em out!

How to Carry Your Office on a Stick (USB Flash Drive)

How to Carry Your Office on a Stick (USB Flash Drive)

As USB flash drives continue to get faster and provide increasing amounts of storage capacity, you can use them for more than just backing up files and documents. You can actually run a ton of applications right from your flash drive, which can come in handy when you’re on the road outside your office or home. There are some popular suites of flash drive apps, such as PortableApps, which we’ve covered before. There recently announced freeware portable apps for popular packages such as Google Chrome, Skype and even uTorrent. However, PortableApps is not the only game in town these days.

NirLauncher is another impressive suite of portable apps that are easy to launch from your USB flash drive. It includes the entire collection of useful Systernals troubleshooting tools. The author makes the process of setting up all of these apps easy, with a file named systernals.nlp that you simply copy to the Systernals folder.

LiberKey offers a super-slick interface with three different packages of portable apps, including audio, file management, graphics, Internet, office, security and networking tools. Here’s a list of all the applications available.

Lupo PenSuite
Lupo PenSuite also provides a graphical interface that’s been translated into 28 languages for managing a plethora of portable apps (over 200, including popular apps such as 7-Zip, Audacity, CCleaner, eMule, FileZilla, Firefox, Foxit Reader, GIMP, IrfanView, Notepad++, Opera and Pidgin).

Individual Portable Applications
Of course, you don’t need to have an app suite launcher to install portable apps on your USB flash drive. You can simply copy them to your flash drive manually. For example, i.Scribe is a fully functional email client that you can run from you flash drive. Just drag it to your stick and you’ll be able to read and compose email messages. It also includes a calendar, address book and supports many plugins.

It’s a good idea to add anti-virus protection to your USB flash drive. Avira AntiVir Personal is a free anti-virus program that you can install on your flash drive.
There are numerous portable versions of browsers that you can use on your flash drive. The most popular are Portable Firefox, Portable Google Chrome, Portable Opera and Avant Portable Browser.

Portable OS in Your Pocket
You can actually install a stripped-down version of Windows XP on your USB flash drive thanks to software like BartPE (Bart’s Preinstalled Environment) which makes the process extremely less painful and more efficient.

If you prefer to roll with a Linux-flavored operating system, instead of a mini-Windows, then you can do so with the help of You can select just about any type of Linux, such as Debian, Ubuntu, and many more. You can find ready-to-burn Live CD images here on The LiveCD list and UNetbootin.

How about Mac OS? Yes, that’s possible too, although you’ll need a USB drive that is 8 GB or larger.
Virtual OS on a Stick

VMware is the leading innovator of virtual operating systems. It started by developing a way to install multiple operating systems on a single desktop but eventually found its niche by offering a platform to host multiple virtual servers instead of just desktops operating systems. It now provides a way to install a complete virtual operating system on a USB flash drive with a product called VMWare ACE. Not only can you run everything you run on a normal full-blown desktop or laptop, but it also provides connectivity back to your company’s network via a secure VPN. Thus, you can pop your flash drive in any computer with Internet access and work on your own customized desktop and even access your files and documents on your corporate LAN.
CDRKing Philippines carries cheap USB Flash Drives check them out here blog article or go directly to CDRKing website here

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Online Web-design tools for the beginner

Online Web-design tools for the beginner

If you're not an advanced Web designer, and you don't want to pay a company to create a Web site for you, there are services across the Web that can help you create the site you want. All of the tools listed below are designed specifically for beginners. If that's you, give them a whirl.

Get your design on

Color Wizard: Having trouble finding the right color for a portion of your site? Color Wizard will help you determine which color works with your current color scheme.

When you get to Color Wizard's site, just input the color you want to match. From there, the service will spit out several colors that match well with your base color. If you're unhappy with all the colors on your site, you can also use the site's sliders to create a color you desire. It then gives you a color tag that you can place in your site's HTML. It's a simple, neat tool that I use quite often.

Color Wizard

Color Wizard helps you match colors or create your own.

(Credit: Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET)

CSS Typeset: If you're looking to quickly edit portions of CSS from your site, CSS Typeset is one of my favorite tools to do just that.

The premise of CSS Typeset is simple: take some CSS from your site, modify it with the drop-down lists featured at the bottom of the page, and CSS Typeset generates the CSS code you can paste back into your site. You can change the font type, its color, alignment, and more. If you need a little help with CSS, CSS Typeset is the service for you.


CSS Typeset will help you change your site up.

(Credit: Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET)

Dotemplate: Dotemplate provides several free templates that you can customize right from the company's Web page. From there, you can download the template and place it into your site.

When you get to Dotemplate, you can choose between a bunch of free templates. You can change the color of the navigation bar, input text into different sections of the site, and more. You can even change the colors of all the different headers across the site. Dotemplate allows you to use your template anywhere on the Web as long as you provide a link to the service. You can also donate $10 if you don't want to link to it.


Dotemplate lets you change templates quickly and easily.

(Credit: Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET)

Favicon Generator Tool: Every site needs its own unique Favicon, that little image you find next to a URL in your address bar and on the tabs in your browser. But creating one might not be easy for novices. That's where the Favicon Generator Tool comes in.

The Favicon Generator Tool is about as simple as they come: upload an image that you want to make tiny. From there, click "upload" and the service will convert the image into a Favicon. Simply download the image, upload it to your site, and you're all set. It's that easy.

Favicon Generator Tool

Favicon Generator Tool is simple and easy to use.

(Credit: Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET)

Flickrslidr: If you're having trouble adding a slideshow to your site, make it easy with the help of Flickrslidr.

The premise is simple: input the link to a Flickr album you want to add to your site. From there, you can name it and input tags. Flickrslidr then spits out HTML code, allowing you to quickly and easily input the slideshow into your site.


Add a Flickr slideshow from Flickrslidr.

(Credit: Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET)

Roxer: If you want to create a quick site that doesn't feature all the Web 2.0 features that have become so commonplace on the Web, Roxer might be a good place to start.

Roxer allows you to drag and drop different elements of a site onto your homepage. You can add images, drag-and-drop YouTube videos, change the header of your page, and more. You can also create content to make it a little more useful to visitors. I should note that Roxer is GeoCities-esque in that your site is free to build and features a Roxer domain. Regardless, it's a great way to quickly build a site for simple purposes.


Roxer makes it quick and easy to create a simple Web page.

(Credit: Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET)

Web 2.0 Button Generator: If you want to add a Web 2.0 feel to your site, you'll want to consider using Web 2.0 Button Generator. The site allows you to create a Web 2.0-like button for your site.

When you start using Web 2.0 Button Generator, you'll find that you can choose from three button designs. From there, you can choose a color, modify the text in the button, and decide if you want to add logos to sites across the Web, including YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, and others. Creating the button takes just a few seconds. Once complete, you can download it as an image, place it where you want on your site, and you're all set.

Web 2.0 Button Generator

Web 2.0 button generator is free and easy to use.

(Credit: Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET)

Wordpress Theme Generator: If you're unhappy with the themes other Wordpress users have created, you can create your own with the help of the Wordpress Theme Generator.

Wordpress Theme Generator allows you to create a two-column or three-column Wordpress theme. To the left of the design page is a listing of all the elements you can change, including font type, text color, tag clouds, and more. To the right of the site is a look at what your site looks like. It will change as you modify the site's many elements. When I used the service, I was quite happy with what it offered. Granted, it won't allow you to change everything, but if you want to create a basic, but unique theme, I think Wordpress Theme Generator is a worthwhile tool.


Wordpress Theme Generator features simple Wordress-theme creation.

(Credit: Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET)

My top three

1. CSS Typeset: If you want to quickly modify a site's design, CSS Typeset is the place to go.

2. Color Wizard: Find the right color with Color Wizard.

3. Wordpress Theme Generator: It's not advanced, but if you want a simple, unique Wordpress theme, Wordpress Theme Generator is worth trying out. Read the original blog here

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visual c++ sorting array

The Array Class

Single-Dimensional Array Creation

An array is a technique of storing similar information of different items in a common variable of one name. Based on this, consider the following list:

Store Item
Women Coat
Men Jacket
Teen Jeans
Women Bathing Suit
Children Playground Dress

This type of list can be created using a String-based array. Here is an example:

System::Void Form1_Load(System::Object *  sender, System::EventArgs *  e) {   String *lstItemsNames[] = { S"Women Coat", S"Men Jacket", S"Teen Jeans",                           S"Women Bathing Suit", S"Children Playground Dress" }; }

The above type of list is referred to as a single-dimensional. To provide more information about items, you can associate a second or even a third list to the first as follows:

System::Void Form1_Load(System::Object *  sender, System::EventArgs *  e) {   String *itemsNumbers[] = { S"624376", S"274952", S"497852", S"749752", S"394085" };   String *lstItemsNames[]    = { S"Women Coat", S"Men Jacket", S"Teen Jeans",                                S"Women Bathing Suit", S"Children Playground Dress" };   double itemsPrices[]      = { 225.55, 175.75, 24.50, 34.65, 75.05 }; }

To support C++ arrays, the .NET Framework provides the Array class, which is defined in the System namespace. Based on this, you can formally use the Array class to create an array. To support the creation of an array, the Array class is equipped with the CreateInstance() method that comes in various versions. To create a one-dimensional array, you can use the following version:

public: static Array* CreateInstance(Type* elementType, int length);

The first argument is used to specify the type of array you want to create. Since it is declared as Type, you can use the __typeof operator to cast your type.

The second argument specifies the number of items of the list. Like a normal C++ array, the items in an Array-based list use a zero-based index, meaning that the first item has an index of 0, the second has an index of 1, and so on. Using the Array class, you can create a list of the above item names as follows:

System::Void Form1_Load(System::Object *  sender, System::EventArgs *  e) {   Array *lstItemsNames = Array::CreateInstance(__typeof(String), length); }

Creating various lists that would be later connected can be confusing and even overwhelming, as mentioned earlier.

Sublime Text is a Serious Text Editor with No Bloat

Windows: Looking for a text editor that helps you write text or code and doesn't get in your way? Sublime Text lives up to its name. It's a white-on-black, keyboard-friendly editor chock full of powerful, but unobtrusive, features.

Without digging into the menus, you'll notice from the get-go that Sublime Text is fairly familiar, at least if you're a programmer—white text on a black background, with line numbers and row/column counting in the lower left corner. Jump up to the menus, though, and you'll find a whole lot of power user features if you want them. Macro recording, code helpers and context highlighting, savable text snippets, project organization, extensive layout tools, and more than we've had the time to really dig into this morning.

You could just use Sublime Text for when you need to get writing done and nothing else—it comes with distraction-free full-screen views, and only the "Mini-map" on the far left is showing when you're typing, and that's a fairly handy tool for skimming around your text. Realistically, though, you'll want to take a deep dive into Sublime Text, learn its keyboard shortcuts, and dig into the features that save you time and automate the grunt work of writing.

Sublime text is free to download for trial use; a license for a single user on infinite machines, with free upgrades, is $59. There's seemingly no limit set on the trial, but when you peek around this program, you'll hopefully feel that the designers have earned their keep.

Sorting programs in C++

Saturday, October 17, 2009

What is Use to test the speed of your Internet connection. See if you are getting what you pay for or share your results with others!

This one's good news!

In the past, only one server in the Philippines, which is sponsored by Bayantel, is available for speed testing. Now there are three.

If you are from the Philippines and you go to, you will be brought to the Philippine map where these servers are located. If you are located anywhere in the world, you will be brought to the test location near your location.

First, the one in golden yellow is the server recommended by It is located in Quezon City, Philippines. Sponsored by Bayantel, this server gives me a latency between 310-360.
The second server is sponsored by PLDT. Homed in Makati City, Philippines, this server says that I have a latency of 75-100.

The third server is located in the south, specifically in Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines. It is sponsored by Philcom Corporation. It reveals my latency of 300-320.

At least now, we have a choice on what server to test our connection with.

The distance between user location and the server plays an important role in determining exact connection speed. The farther a user is to the server, there's more probability that he gets inaccurate results.

Factors like latency, weather, internet traffic and many others can affect the results of speed tests.

So there you go. Enjoy speed testing.

Test your speed here speedtest

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Computer literacy empowers OFWs

Technology has now become the means of empowerment for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) as it gives them the opportunity to build knowledge.

The Microsoft Tulay Program is the brainchild of the Blas F. Ople Policy Center and funded by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) and Microsoft. It aims to expand knowledge and build a new foundation for OFWs through computer literacy.
Last week, Filipina household service workers graduated from Microsoft's Tulay program in Hong kong.

In less than three months, they learned how to use various computer applications; from surfing the internet, to using social networking sites; blogging and using a webcam to communicate with their families back home.

Ople Center president, Susan Ople described the program as a tool of empowering OFWs.
"Being computer literate opens the doors to learning beyond the ordinary,” Ople said.
Ople was a guest at ANC’s Crossing Borders hosted by Immigration Lawyer, Mike Templo.
“Without the internet, your networking opportunities are limited. But once you get to know how to communicate and build social networks with the internet then you are empowered and that's what we want for our domestic helpers here--to be empowered,” Ople added.

Tulay graduate Gloria Magbuhos said the program is a big help to OFWs like herself.
"Malaki ang tulong ng internet kasi nga dati kapag cellphone ang gamit namin malaki ang expenses di ba? Malaki ng charges. Pero kung internet libre na," said Magbuhos

Another graduate, Rowena Concepcion uses the webcam when communicating with her loved ones back home. The web cam bridged the distance for Concepcion who was able to see and follow the health condition of her child born with cerebral palsy while in Hong Kong. Her child died last year.
More than personal connection, Ople said the program also gives OFWs an edge to be globally competitive as people, not just as workers.

"My advice to them is not to be afraid, but enjoy themselves because cyber information, the digital age is here. There is no way to avoid it. It's either you are part of the cyber mainstream or you are in the dark ages," Ople said.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Philippine DOLE to hire 3,565 youth mentors for IT project

Starting this month until December, the Department of Labor and Employment will be hiring 3,565 youth mentors for its Kabataan ITo special project to jumpstart a nationwide familiarization and appreciation sessions on information technology for Filipinos in the disadvantaged sectors.

Labor and Employment Secretary Marianito D. Roque announced this yesterday after he received the reports of the National Reintegration Program for OFWs, the Bureau of Rural Workers and the Bureau of Women and Young Workers -- all DOLE offices -- about their preparation for the launching of the special project in the third week of October.

"Our regional offices have committed to hire 3,565 information technology youth mentors who will conduct familiarization and appreciation sessions until December. At a ratio of one mentor to two students, about 27,240 young people from the disadvantaged and informal sectors will benefit from these sessions," Roque said.

"We plan a simultaneous launching of the project on October 21 and during the launching, we will already hire 1,507 IT youth mentors across the regions so they can start imparting IT knowledge and skills to 11,666 beneficiaries," he added.

The Kabataan ITo is a DOLE special project designed to teach young Filipinos knowledge and skills in basic information technology without joining the formal education system. The "teachers" or mentors in the project will be youth volunteers who are "IT-enabled".

The mentors will teach an IT module consisting of a preparatory lesson on computer hardware familiarization, computer operation and MS Word processing application, and a final lesson on the use of the Internet for search and communication. The IT sessions will be for 22 hours.

The labor and employment chief said that the mentors, who will render "part-time" service of less than eight hours a day or less than five days a wekk depending on the mentors' availability, will be paid a stipend of P25.00 per mentoring hour. He explained that the budget of P15.02 million will come from the available budgets of the DOLE regional offices.

The DOLE has already identified the venues for the familiarization and appreciation sessions. These will be held in the DOLE regional and field offices, regional offices of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, some computer centers, and Public Employment Service Offices, or PESOs which the DOLE and its social partners have earlier furnished with computers.

DOLE regional offices, in cooperation with the PESOs and working youth organizations will recruit the IT mentors who must be results-oriented, computer-adept, and friendly to the disadvantaged youth. They must also be meticulous keeping tab of the progress of the learners, as well as patient in mentoring.

"There is a bright future for the knowledgeable and skilled in information technology, and we would like our disadvantaged young people to have a share of this bright future through Kabataan ITo," Roque said. Read the original article here

Friday, October 9, 2009

Google Offers Advice on Secure Passwords

It's National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and Google wants to remind you of a basic tenet of online security: passwords. Considering that October started off with a security breach that struck more than 10,000 Hotmail accounts, a security review may not be such a bad idea. Michael Santerre, Google's Consumer Operations Associate detailed Google's password advice in a recent blog post.

Some of Santerre's precautions are things you've likely heard many times before: don't use personal information like your name or birth date, and don't use simple passwords like "password" or "letmein." Instead, Santerre says you should use a unique password for every site, one that includes a mixture of numbers, letters, and symbols. This will help protect you from dictionary attacks, where a hacker uses a program that tries millions of word and letter combinations to guess your password. But keeping track of so many passwords can be tough; Santerre advises you to write your secret codes down or keep them in a computer file, just don't give your file an obvious name like 'paswords.doc.' or 'Fort Knox.txt.'

Finally, keep your password recovery options up to date so that a hacker can't take over an abandoned e-mail account. Let's say your account uses as the secondary e-mail address for the password recovery option. If you've forgotten about that account, a hacker could sign up for and end up hacking into your Gmail account. This is exactly how a French hacker gained access to Twitter's company files earlier this year.

If you're worried about your password security, here are a few more tips:

1) Use a combination where you substitute letters for numbers, words for numbers and include random capitalization. For example, 19 Peach Place becomes 0ne9peacHpl!--note the random exclamation mark at the end.

2) Create a sentence and then pull the first letter from each word, substituting numbers or even symbols were possible. Turning a sentence like, "Zachary Taylor was the twelfth president of the United States," into ZTwt12potUS.

3) Use a random password generator. You can find several online like Strong Password Generator, and others are available in PC World's Downloads Section.

4) If you've chosen your own number, letter, and symbol combination, but aren't sure how strong it is, run it through Microsoft's Password Checker.

5) So now you've got a strong password for all your important e-mail and banking accounts, but how are you going to keep track of all of these endless codes? Consider using a password manager, or just keep them on a piece of paper in the physical world--just don't attach the list to your computer.

If you want more online security than just smart passwords, check out PC World's article on "Super-safe Web Browsing."REad the orginal article

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Adobe flash developer, Computer Tech

Cebu Sunstar October 5, 2009 Click the photo to read large

Computer Programmer Cebu

Cebu Sunstar October 5, 2009 Click the photo to read large

Cebu CADD, Graphic Artist

Cebu Sunstar October 5, 2009 Click the photo to read large

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Graphics Artists IT Cebu

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IT Cebu

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Tweaking and performance guide for XP and Vista Windows

After stumbling around the internet looking for ways to optimize and tweak my PC, I found this fantastic guide.

"The TweakGuides Tweaking Companion

(TGTC) is the complete system optimization guide for Windows users. Designed for novice and advanced users alike, it is written in plain English to help you genuinely understand all aspects of Windows and your PC. The guide covers every major topic, from the correct installation of Windows and critical drivers and software, through to recommendations for every significant setting and feature, all the major performance and convenience tweaks and customizations, as well as detailed troubleshooting advice. There are also links to a range of reliable free applications for optimizing and maintaining your system, as well as to important resources for finding out even more about Windows and your PC."

Check it out for yourself: "The TweakGuides Tweaking Companion

Convert your PDF to Word documents

If you need to grab elements from a PDF, edit part of its text, or cut down its size, you might try converting it to a Microsoft Word file. For doing that task, PDF to Word is more than just adequate—it's darned impressive. We were kind of amazed at how well even the most complex of PDFs we had access to (an invitation to a snooty art installation opening) were flipped into almost exact facsimiles in Word format. Simply upload a PDF, provide an email address, and your document is on its way to you. Maker NitroPDF has other free PDF tools worth checking out, and paid software to entice you with, but PDF to Word is a webapp that does exactly what it says, no catches or gimmicks. Convert here

RP loses ground in global IT competitiveness survey

THE PHILIPPINES continues to enjoy some advantages in terms of information technology (IT) competitiveness but overall it has lost ground in a new global ranking, industry officials yesterday said.

In a briefing, Business Software Alliance director Claro Parlade cited an Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) survey which ranked the country 12th among Asia-Pacific states and 51st globally among 66 economies.

"From the raw scores, we can see that the Philippines did well and was basically pushed down by China and India, but we can also see that there are some areas that we need to work on," Mr. Parlade said.

The survey ranked countries in terms of overall business environment, IT infrastructure, human capital, legal environment, research and development and support for IT development.

The Philippines ranked ahead of Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan in the Asia Pacific. The top countries the Asia Pacific, meanwhile, were Australia, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, India and Thailand.

The Philippines performed lowest in research and development, ranking 61st. The local legal environment, especially for the protection of intellectual property, also scored low at 47th.

"The Philippines needs to address risks and challenges such as bureaucratic red tape, poor infrastructure, unpredictable policies and judicial intervention," the report said.

In terms of human capital, the Philippines was noted to have a shortage of skilled workers in the IT and business process outsourcing sectors.

Low domestic broadband penetration, meanwhile, was described as "lagging... most countries in Asia."
A high 69% piracy rate was also noted as a deterrent.

The country performed well in the area of IT infrastructure, with the survey citing wide mobile penetration.
Mr. Parlade said that the reason for the lower ranking was new methodology adopted by the EIU which gave greater weight to research and development.

But while the drop may have been technical in nature, he said "The country can’t just rely on cheap labor costs... We need to offer something that differentiates the Philippines like innovation." Read the original article here

CustomGuide Provides Quick-Reference Sheets for Microsoft, Apple, and Adobe Products

CustomGuide Provides Quick-Reference Sheets for Microsoft, Apple, and Adobe Products

Learning a new application? Have a cube-mate that pesters you with questions about an application they're learning? Print off a cheat sheet from CustomGuide.

CustomGuide has guides for popular Microsoft, Apple, and Adobe software. Most entries have both present and past versions of the application in question. The entry for Outlook, for instance, has quick-reference sheets for Outlook 98 through Outlook 2007.

Each guide includes a diagram of the main interface, keyboard shortcuts, summaries of the menus and the tools found in them, and other relevant tips for using the application more efficiently.

Know of a good resource for software guides and cheat sheets? Let's hear about it in the comments. The guides are free and in PDF format.

Microsoft Quick References

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Adobe Quick References

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Additonal Quick References

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IBM Lotus Notes

Intuit QuickBooks

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