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Nursing, accounting, teaching, dog handling among 'hot jobs' for 2010

Nursing, accounting, teaching, dog handling among 'hot jobs' for 2010

MANILA, Philippines - Nursing, accounting, teaching, and even dog-handling are just a few of the “hot” jobs that Filipinos should apply for next year.

Jayjay Viray, managing director of, said while they see nurses and accountants again being in demand next year, there are other not so popular but surprisingly high-paying jobs Filipinos should consider as possible careers
She said dog-handling and security-related jobs are third on their list of “hot jobs” for 2010.
“Just for the Middle East (Asia), we’re seeing a demand of about 10,000 dog-handlers,” Viray shared.

A dog-handler in the Middle East, Viray said, could get a monthly pay of as much as $2,500.
She said that the continuing global fight against terrorism and increased security consciousness are pushing the demand for dog-handlers, mainly those who handle bomb-sniffing dogs. “In the Middle East, security is a serious concern for many of the well-off people there,” Viray said.

She said even here in the Philippines, there is a demand for dog-handlers. “You see a lot of bomb-sniffing dogs in the malls and in buildings,” Viray said.

Topping their list of “hot jobs,” she said, are information technology (IT) workers, who “will still be the most in-demand locally and overseas.”

Viray said with many Internet businesses being put up and numerous companies going online to do their selling and promotion, the demand for IT employees will continue to be strong.
“Small business, big businesses are going to the Internet to promote their products,” she said.
Viray said the most sought-after IT workers are those skilled in search engine marketing and search engine optimization.

She noted that some of the jobs that are becoming in demand are those that look for skills that could be acquired by taking up short-term or vocational courses.

Viray said one can get a certificate in dog-handling by attending a short course that could last only six months.

For IT workers, one could be a computer technician by taking up a vocational two-year computer technician course.

“I recommend these short courses because they can be a quick path to a high-paying job instead of taking up four-year college courses that lead to jobs that are not in demand in the market,” Viray said. Read the original article here

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Until such time that we have industries and factories to employ all of our labor force locally, better improve the quality of our education so we can be competitive in the world skills market. Those considering to work abroad can avoid the negative social costs by being practical and not yet marry or beget children. They might find their soul mate in other single compatriots overseas.„

alie_baba (posted on Nov 15, 2009 07:04 AM)
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“I recommend these short courses because they can be a quick path to a high-paying job instead of taking up four-year college courses that lead to jobs that are not in demand in the market, ” Viray said.

Siguro pakawala ito ng mga IT Short Course schools na naglipana nanloloko sa mga kabataan at mga magulang ....walang kuenta ang short IT coursers kung walang Basic Foundation ng Science and Technology... example... IT Accounting applications... pano ka gagawa ng Apps ng di ka marunong ng Accounting ? or Cad kaya sa Mechanical/Electrical or Archi... pano ka gagamit ng wala kang foundation ng Electrical/ Mechanical or Architecture... ganyan ang mga pakawala ng mga IT Schools kuno... Tools lang ang IT or Elective course lang, ang kailangan ang foundation ... at bakit niya naman sasabihin na NURSING na naman ang kailangan e PUNONG PUNO na ang NURSING ... mga ganid na ospital nga ang mga nurses pa ang nagbabayad para magkaroon ng Experience... mag isip ng malalim mga kabataan at mga magulang wag sayangin ang kinabukasan pera, puhunan at panahon.... mag 4 or 5 years courses na lang kayo for long term investment„

Batangsulpok (posted on Nov 15, 2009 03:22 AM)
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Wala na bang naiisip sa Pilipinas kundi mag-trabaho sa overseas ang mga graduates? Paano uunlad ang Pilipinas kung lagi na lang paalisin ang mga trabahador? Dapat ang perang napupunta sa corruption ay malagay sa ayos nang magkaroon ng maraming trabaho, maraming negosyo lalo na sa mga malalayong lugar nang hindi na sila pumunta sa Maynila para makipagsapalaran kaya sobra na ang sikip kasi nagiging squatters. Kaya napakaraming nasisirang pamilya dahil pag ang babae o lalake ang napunta sa abroad, hindi maiwasan ang magkasala sa isa't isa na kung minsan ay napapabayaan ang mga bata na naiwan sa Pilipinas. Sa ngayon, marami kang makikita na maraming single mother, maraming asawa ay iniiwan ang pamilya para makisama sa iba, maraming babae ang anak ay iba't iba ang ama at maraming mga bata ang nalululong sa bisyo gaya ng droga o krimen dahil wala ang magulang.„

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Comelec needs 50,000 IT workers

MANILA, Philippines—At least 50,000 information technology personnel are needed for next year’s automated national elections, a Commission on Elections official said Wednesday.

Election Commissioner Gregorio Larrazabal said in a news briefing that Smartmatic TIM Corp., the automated elections contractor, was hiring about 40,000 IT workers to help in the country’s biggest IT project.

The Smartmatic TIM personnel will do mainly technical support work. They will help in the maintenance and operations of the ballot scanners, officially called Precinct Count Optical Scan machines, on May 10.

Some will be deployed to the field, while some will work in the company’s call center to respond to technical questions.

At the same time, the Comelec and the Department of Science and Technology are currently training a total of 500 IT experts to train and accredit the Board of Election Inspectors (BEI), Larrazabal said.
The Comelec will use 82,000 scanners in next year’s elections.

To ensure that the operations will be smooth on election day, the poll body has ordered that at least one member of the BEI should have IT knowledge and training on how to handle the scanners.
The poll body has coordinated with the local IT industry for its personnel requirements, he said.
The Comelec said it will field 100 IT-knowledgeable organic personnel to various municipalities and cities to supervise the poll proceedings.

Volunteers from the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting, the Comelec’s citizens’ arm, will also train for the project.

All the IT workers will be accredited by the DOST.

Bonifacio Belen, Smartmatic TIM manager, said the company last week held a workshop to develop methods on hiring and training of personnel. The company will start training the employees in January next year.
He said the company was optimistic there would be enough workers for the project.

“There is no shortage of patriotic and IT-savvy Filipinos who want to be part of history,” he said.
Smartmatic TIM has tapped manpower firms Placewell, Manred, and Ventureslink to hire the support personnel. Applicants are advised to send their resumes to the said agencies.

Meanwhile, Larrazabal said the Comelec has directed the election contractor to ensure that its workers do not have partisan streaks.

Applicants for key positions will undergo background checks, Larrazabal said.
Under the Comelec’s rules, only BEI members can handle the election and voting machines. Smartmatic TIM employees will only advise the BEI members should the machines malfunction.

Larrazabal said the Smartmatic TIM will carefully screen applicants and make them sign an affidavit stating that they do not have political connections.

The employees will not be assigned to areas where they are from, he added. Read original article here

Monday, November 2, 2009

Cebu IT graduates

Cebu Sunstar classified November 1, 2009 click to make larger

Cebu IT graduates

Cebu Sunstar classified November 1, 2009 click to make larger